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We are delighted to be working with Kasese Humanist School in Uganda.

We have funded the purchase of various science laboratory equipment, including some essential equipment and reagents required in the laboratory as per the Ugandan curriculum.

The items were earmarked for the Municipal High School Kasese secondary section, which runs Grades 1 - 4 in the secondary school category. We were delighted to see how much the students, staff and management appreciated the support.


Picture: Laboratory technician with some of the supplied reagents

The Science Department teaches four main subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These subjects require constant practical activity, and the students are required to carry out a variety of experiments.

We also funded the installation of desktop computers in the computer room to enhance computer education.

The school's principal, Robert Bwambale Musubaho, writes: "We are confident that the learning resources in both the computer lab and the science lab will benefit the students and the teachers of the relevant subjects to enhance the academic excellence of our students. On behalf of Kasese Humanist School and Municipal High School, we are very grateful for this support, and we hope that these new achievements will be a great step forward in serving our people".

Scientific Temper looks forward to continuing to work with Kasese Humanist School and will continue to fund their science education.