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Scientific Temper was defined as early as 1898 as " A modest open-minded temper—a temper ever ready to welcome new light, new knowledge, new experiments, even when their results are unfavourable to preconceived opinions and long-cherished theories."

With this attitude, we promote science, enlightenment and the separation of reliable knowledge from fallacies that do not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Science constantly brings us new and amazing insights and provides the means to improve our lives. At the same time, it is also attacked and belittled. Fake news, non-science and pseudo-science are not always easy to recognise.

We see this tension as a challenge and, at the same time, want to contribute to better science-orientated education at an early stage.

We complement, expand and support science-oriented individuals and organisations with similar goals. These include educational institutions, schools, skeptical organisations, science-oriented NGOs such as RePlanet, and secular and humanist organisations.

Four Central Areas

Scientific Temper will be active in four sometimes overlapping areas:

  1. science and critical thinking through events, publications and research,
  2. education, through the production of science-based information material and direct teaching,
  3. science-based information and studies aimed at a sustainable environment while ensuring human development and well-being,
  4. global support for schools that promote science-based education..