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As Scientific Temper's first project, we are addressing "global support for schools that promote science education", one of our four areas.

The Basis

We believe that good science education, starting in primary school, is one of the best investments we can make in our global future. We believe the impact will be most significant where the education gap is greatest.

The School

We have chosen a school in Kasese, a city in western Uganda where poverty is high, and the school also supports orphans, the Kasese Humanist School. We agree with their statement that "Education is the best legacy you can give your children", with a school "built on the foundation of science" and the understanding that with science, we can progress.

The Kasese Humanist School is built on the principles of science and humanist values, providing a well-rounded education for young people aged 3 to 22. In addition to education, the school also emphasises food security, vocational training and environmental regeneration.

Source: Kasese Humanist School Blog

Founded in 2011 by the Kasese United Humanist Association, the school has three campuses. Scientific inquiry is a central part of education, and the school has evolved into a residential facility for orphaned children.

Our Contribution

As a first step, we support purchasing scientific equipment and chemical reagents.

All donations received this year up to May will support the school.